What about using a Weight Loss Smoothie?

Weight Loss Smoothie
herbalifeFormula1StrawberrySmoothie What about using a Weight Loss Smoothie?

Weight Loss Smoothie

The reason I refer to this smoothie as The Secret Weight Loss Smoothie is because I do not want to compromise my relationship with You my loyal readers trying to sell to You (email me if you really want to know)

I would be the first to admit that I was never one for eating breakfast. I found the thought of food nauseating in the morning, infact I still do if its a 6am start. As a kid I recall my mum would make the usual boring few slices of toast, which by the time I got down the stairs never looked that appealing. I couldn’t be tempted with the over-advertised breakfast cereals either, therefore I always went to school with an empty stomach and ambled along until lunch time without a morsel inside me. As a young adult I carried those bad habits with me for some years and often only had my first meal of the day 1pm or 2pm, by which stage I would be starving. When I became a Personal Trainer, I decided it was time to look after myself properly if I was to have the energy required to do my job well. For a time I did compromise myself to Branflakes cheered up with banana, and although I knew it was good for me I can’t honestly say I enjoyed it. Ah the memories…. woodchip mulch always springs to mind.

My introduction to the Secret Weight Loss Smoothie

In 2007, I was introduced to the Secret weight loss smoothie nutritional products, and I started using them for breakfast. The smoothies comes in six flavours, but my preference has to be Cappuccino and then Chocolate as a close second.

What is in the Secret Weight Loss Smoothie?

Even though it looks less than a typical breakfast, my Secret weight loss smoothie is infact packed with protein and has all of the vitamins and minerals included which help to sustain energy levels and keep me feeling fuller for a hell of alot longer than any breakfast cereal. With less than 220 calories per meal they are an extremely effective way of controlling and managing your weight whilst making sure you are getting enough protein and macro/micro nutrients into your body. I use the Secret weight loss smoothie primarily for Weight-Loss, Sports Fuel and Nutrition.