Change your Job to Lose Weight – Is your Sedentary Job / Work making you fat?

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sedentary job work Change your Job to Lose Weight   Is your Sedentary Job / Work making you fat?

Sedentary job work

Firstly lets define what a Sedentary Job / Work is.

A sedentary job / work is described as:

“Occasionally lifting no more than ten pounds, and sitting with occasional walking and standing often necessary in carrying out job duties.”

Standing and walking should total no more than 2 hours per 8 hour workday, while sitting would total about 6 hours per 8 hour workday.

Negative Sedentary Job and Work Effects Officially Recognised

There is now increasingly more and more evidence which proves that spending long periods of time inactive and in one position is bad for us. The negative health effects that a sedentary job / work cause are now described as “Sedentary Office Worker Syndrome”

How is your Sedentary Job / Work endangering my health and making me fat?

There are many effects, which I could detail, but in this article I will just touch on gaining weight.

Not only do you have to fend off the local office feeder (some one whom feeds everyone else but themselves), but you are sitting still for hours on end causing your metabolism to slow down, thus burning less calories.

Muscles are responsible for body movement. Weather you are standing or sitting, your muscles will be using energy, working to move your body at your every whim. More muscles are required to perform more work when you are standing, thus burning more energy.

A sedentary job / work requires approx 30% less energy than a moderately active job. This may not seem like much, but it certainly adds up.

Take an average 30 year old, 5ft 6ins (167.6 cm’s) tall, 8st 8lbs (54.5kgs) Woman for example.

Her BMR – Base metabolic rate, the amount of energy she would require to stay alive, would be approx 1339 calories per day.

Now to work out her calories expenditure you would multiply 1339 calories by her daily activity level.

Sedentary – 1339 x 1.2 = 1606 calories per day
Moderately Active – 1339 x 1.55 = 2075 calories per day.

A difference of 469 calories per day.

Now multiply that out by 7 days x 469 = 3286 calories per week

There are 3500 calories in 1lb (approx 0.5kg) of fat. Over a year that would equate to an increase of 48lb (22.77kgs).

Now if you consider that you may sit during your commute on your way home, sit and watch television in the evening and the lye down to sleep, it is easy to be sedentary 24/7.

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