Is Your Personal Trainer Your Best Friend and You Just Don’t Realise It?

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personal trainer best friend training brighton hove sherry fitfoxy and becks Is Your Personal Trainer Your Best Friend and You Just Dont Realise It?

Is Your Personal Trainer Your Best Friend

My job as a Personal Trainer goes above and beyond counting out reps for clients and ushering them to the next piece of exercise equipment, I am quite often Personal Trainer – Best Friend.
The relationship becomes close, as a Personal Trainer I teach them to recognise that their physical appearance is much more a counter product of their mental state and attitude than they realise.
If you are a Good Personal Trainer and genuinely care about your clients it does not take long to see exactly what makes them tick, their impulsions, strengths and weaknesses.
I am in a sense the invaluable best friend, I am the best friend that firmly tells my clients when they need to make changes to habits or attitude to themselves and how hard they can push themselves.
I am in a position to recognise if they are feeling low or having trouble coping with personal issues and I adapt the hour session that they spend with me, to incorporate the mental focus needed, just like a best friend would.

Stay Lean and Mean to Beat the Recession with your Personal Trainer – Best Friend

Quoted from the

“When a recession bites people will sacrifice gym membership, but whatever happens I can’t give up my personal trainer. I’d rather hack at my own hair and walk past shoe shops. I need her as my conscience.
Debbie tells me I shouldnít drink so much, and I know that to but when I work out with her I can cherish the illusion that I can lose the effects of the crisps and white wine.”

“When Debbie makes me feel my heart pumping and that painful st-re-et-ch in reluctant muscles, sheís making me celebrate the fact that I am alive. Show me a slightly glum middle-aged lady and Iíd say donít give her Prozac, just prescribe ten sessions with Debbie Robinson ó or any dedicated and jolly personal trainer to get her back on track.”

Could Money be the Obsticle Stopping your Personal Trainer Becomming your Best Friend?

This article is incredibly accurate and I agree that the relationship I have with clients is relatively unique in the way that they pay me for my time, it is a business transaction and this can sometimes be tricky.
Anyone that does a Personal Trainers job would agree that even though a business transaction takes place it does not change the level of care and fondness that develops for clients and the sense of great feeling it gives us to see them acheive their goals and in most cases change their lives. It is always sad when they leave which of course is also inevitable but it is of importance to me that they know that the door is always open to them for both Personal Trainer or Best Friend.

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There is just reason I love gym and its not the exercise

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