Overweight and Obesity appears to have become accepted in our Society.

Image of an overweight woman - Overweight and obesity
overweight and obesity Overweight and Obesity appears to have become accepted in our Society.

Overweight and obesity

I spent a few hours in town yesterday in the main shopping area and then along the seafront as I have an elderly client that I take out for a few hours twice a week to give her family a bit of a break. She suffers from alzheimers but besides that is fairly fit and healthy for a 72 year old. We sat and had coffee at a bar near the Pier. The beach front was heaving, the pair of us were pretty shocked at the vast amount of overweight people there were walking by. I have witnessed the overweight and obesity crisis creeping up for the past few years, but I am truly shocked to see that almost every other person is carrying at least 7kgs (14lbs) over their ideal body weight.

Do people recognise when Overweight and Obesity is creeping up on them?

Most I would estimate were at least 2-3 stone over weight (thats 12-19kg or 28-42lbs) and I really have no need to exaggerate. I understand the complex web of psychology issues linked to the causes of overweight and obesity, and I do take them on board but I find it hard to believe tha every single one of these people has such issues. Surely these people must recognise when overweight and obsesity is creeping up on them, for example not being able to tie your shoe laces any more, having to buy new clothes every few months? It seems as though it has become socially acceptable to be overweight and I’m wondering if that when people look around them and see other people that are the same size or even fatter than they are, it becomes the “norm” it becomes okay. NEWS FLASH……IT IS NOT THE NORM AND IT IS NOT OKAY!

Overweight and Obesity information overload

There are so many websites, books, programmes, personal trainers such as myself, you name it trying to help people and educate them with regards to this epidemic, I don’t understand why people are not taking notice. Have people become complacent? lazy? Its this simple, if you gorge yourself on junk food, more food than your body needs, excess alcohol and too many treats, you will be fat. If you do no exercise you will be unfit and fat. Am I being Unfair? Read this Newspaper Article “British children getting fatter twice the rate of the Americans” and we will then assess who is being unfair. These kids are the future of our country and people need to start realising this. According to this report, one in three children from age 3-13 yrs are overweight or obese. So if the vast amount of adults I saw the other day are happy enough drowning in their own fat and unhealthy bodies what chance do their children have? Parents your childs overweight and obesity problems are your responsibility. I would greatly appreciate your comments.

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