Full Body Workout – just for the Ladies

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full body workout Full Body Workout   just for the Ladies

Full Body Workout

Ladies a 40 min Full Body Workout to keep you in good nick!!

So ladies, you have your monthly gym membership and you have endured your gratuitous gym induction with Stacey the 20 year old gym instructor who when not on the gym floor can generally be see in the gym cafe bar munching on a bag of crisps and fully engrossed into the latest OK Magazine. (wasn’t it her job to show you a full body workout?)

So now what? You pretty much know how most of the cardio machines operate and if not you can fluff about with a few of the buttons for a while until you get the hang of the stair climber hoping that it isn’t obvious to the other gym bunnies around that you are merely still finding your way.
The resistance equipment is a totally different kettle of fish as they have often got varying seat adjustments and certain bars and handles need to be aligned with certain areas of the body in order to perform the exercise with correct form.
There is only so much that the lovely Stacey can show you in your free one hour induction then…… You are on your own!! Mwhaaaaa!!

Well do not fear Ladies with a little inspiration and help from me you could manage your first full body workout…

Full Gym Workout – Fear

I believe from my clients comments of their past gym experiences is that they end up feeling confused somewhat slightly intimidated and generally end up sticking to the “safer” pieces of cardio equipment that they feel they are setting up correctly and are getting at least some form of workout from.

The guys love to hog the Weights Area, we know that, and it takes a brave woman sometimes to muscle in between a group of sweaty blokes puffing up their plumage and competing with each other to pull the heaviest bicep curl on the cable machine. Usually I may add, these blokes don’t even do a full body workout, they do what I call “EGO Training”, where they prioritise chest and arms, to the detriment of their lower backs but ya can’t tell em… sigh!
Therefore I can hardly blame you ladies from avoiding the resistance area when and where possible, but by doing so you are missing out on some of the best pieces of kit that will enable you to tone and shape areas of your body like you never believed.
The good news is that many of the bigger gym chains now recognise that woman require their own area to resistance train with weights and have incorporated a more lets say feminine friendly area. The staff that are milling around or sat in the assessment office having a chat, are there to assist and help you in the gym they are on a salary to do just that, so make the most of them and make sure they show you correct technique if you are unsure.

Full Body Workout – Outline

If you have never done any resistance training, let alone a full body workout and are starting from scratch, I would recommend that you aim for 3 sessions per week, if you put the work in and you push yourself, you can be in and out in 40 minutes. In that time you will have done an aerobic section, a resistance section including abs, lower back and a stretch at the end.

Below is a basic example of a full body workout session that I would do with clients and the general level I would work with. Its important to adapt the levels to your ability. Remember if you are keen to achieve effective results your sessions should never be easy. Think of your level of exertion as lets say 1-10, now level 1 would be lying on the sofa watching tv, level 10 would be lying on the floor out of breath unable to recover. As a beginner you need to be aiming for around level 6-7, as a conditioned exerciser you should be aiming for around level 8-9.


    1. * 15 MINS CV:

        * 5 min row for 1000 metres
        * 5 min cycle Level 7 (try a bike prog it relieves boredom)
        * 5 treadmill run Level 10-12 (try interval training)
    1. * 25 MINS Resistance Training:

        * Chest Presses 2 sets of 15 repetitions
        * Lateral Pulldowns 2 sets of 15 repetitions
        * Leg Presses 2 sets of 25 repetitions
        * Shoulder Raises 2 sets of 15 repetitons
        * Tricep Dips (bench) 2 sets of 15 repetitions
        * Hamstring Curls (either or lying machine) 2 sets of 25 repetitions
        * Abdominals/lower back
        * Abdominal Crunches 1 set of 40 repetitions
        * Sky divers (lower back) 1 set of 20 repetitions
        * Reverse Abdominal Crunches 1 set of 40 repetitions
        * Air Cycles (obliques) 1 set of 40 repetitions
        * Lower Back Straight Leg Lifts (on tummy) 1 set of 20 repetitions

You should feel pretty tired when you are finished with your full body workout. When completing your 2nd set of resistance exercises you should be struggling to get the last few repetitions out. If you are not fatiguing at the end of the 2nd set the weight is not heavy enough and you need to increase the resistance. This requires discipline and awareness on your part as this is the purpose I serve when I am hired by my clients as their Personal Trainer. It is my job to gauge my clients ability and increase the challenge when I feel that they are able to handle more workload. I take the thinking and the repetitive counting out of the session for them and all that they need to do is follow my instruction.

Remember exercise should never be too easy, it should always be challenging especially if you are doing a full body workout, but if you can set yourself up with a programme card, there is no reason why you cannot adapt different exercises each time you train. You should be able to get a programme card from the gym team and remember there are hundreds of progressions with your exercises that you can learn. The gym team should be helping you to make the most of your membership they have after all sold you an ongoing service. Don’t be shy to ask for help if you are not sure how a machine works or what exercises to do for certain areas of your body, I challenge you to ask them to write you a programme for a full body workout, I’m sure they would rather be helping you than cleaning the treadmills. I worked in a London Gym for 6 years and I loved helping members to make the most of the gym equipment, and acheive their fitness goals, that is why I do this job.

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