Fat and Muscle – Gentlemen Are You Mistaking Your Bulk For Brawn?

Fat And Muscle
FatAndMuscle Fat and Muscle   Gentlemen Are You Mistaking Your Bulk For Brawn?

Fat And Muscle

Some humour, finger pointing and facts about fat and muscle.  There is generally an abundance of media articles and unflattering pictures with regard to the ladies insecurities about size and body image, but I notice that whilst we the female kind are busy being paranoid and unhappy about the little bit of extra fat we may be carrying around, the guys seem to display completely different behaviour towards their “MUSCULAR” physiques….

Well gentlemen, you’ve had it good for too long, and I’m afraid I’ve found an article that puts you under the microscope for a change.

Is it Muscle, Fat and Muscle or is it more Fat and less Muscle?

It seems that many overweight men have an idea that excess bulk can be disguised as appearing “well built”  and are not recognising that that they are infact carrying dangerous amounts of body fat usually around the chest and mid section, keeping their muscles well covered.  They do not seem to recognise the difference between fat and muscle. This is dangerous as the fat around the heart is a major cause of high blood pressure leading to heart attacks and various other nasties type 2 diabetes to name a popular one.
Unlike us ladies, who fly into panic when the scales go up a couple of pounds, men seem to be more comfortable with any extra body fat and even go so far as to strut about pretending that their fat is actually muscle.  My theory on this is that they don’t seem to endure as much media criticism as women do.

So next time you see that Doorman throwing his weight around outside Shady’s Night Club, just wonder to yourself how many blokes he’s able to chase, before being rushed in for his triple bypass…

Some interesting facts about Fat and Muscle!

Can Muscle turn to Fat?

This question is mostly asked relative to when a person who is in good shape stops exercising. Muscle does not turn to fat. when a person exercises, they burn more calories and therefore require more food. Should that person stop exercising, but still eat as much food as before, the calories which are not being burnt due to exercise, will be stored as fat. To compound the perception, that muscle turns to fat, muscle shrinks if it is not used, so not only is the person getting fatter, they will be getting smaller at the same time.

Can I lose Fat but not Muscle

Yes. This is tougher to achieve than you may think. The secret to losing fat and keeping muscle has to do with:

  • Eating enough protein
  • Taking on board the right type of food at the right times
  • Resistance training to build new muscle and maintain the muscle you already have.

How can I tell the difference between Fat and Muscle?

Body fat % can measured by lifting the skin and pinching the skin together with a pair of body fat calipers. Try pinching the skin with your fingers on your arm. The tissue between your finger is skin with fat in between. Make sure you are not pinching the fat and muscle by tensing the muscle in the arm first. Muscles can contract, whereas fat can not. Muscles pull together to enable you to move.    Fat cannot move on its own.

How can I lose fat from my arms whilst building muscle?

The areas of your body that distribute  fat and muscle will simply be down to your genetics. Most people carry their fat on either their hips or stomach. Generally you will find that the fat will leave your extremities first, meaning that you will start to see a change in your face before your stomach or hips. The important point here is that you cannot spot reduce, so yes you can lose fat from your arms whilst building muscle, but if you have bingo wings and you are relatively slim, in extreme cases. surgery may be your only option.

Conclusion on Fat and Muscle

Knowing the difference between fat and muscle is crucial to your health, function and the way that you look.

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