Should you be Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

Woman drinking water - Drinking water to lose weight
drinking water to lose weight Should you be Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

Drinking water to lose weight

I remember having a debate with my teacher in junior school many moons ago. I declared that water tasted horrible and he argued that water doesn’t have a taste so how could it taste horrible. Well as far as I was concerned if water didn’t have a taste it still went into the horrible bracket, therefore why on earth would I be inclined to consume it? Admittedly I feel a tad differently about the stuff now as I did when I was eleven, but only because I have knowledge and experience in the areas of health and fitness, and have come to realise what an important role water plays in both physical performance and weight loss.

How does Drinking Water to Lose Weight work?

The kidneys cannot function properly without enough water. When the kidneys do not function 100%, some of the load is dumped onto the liver. The liver’s primary function is to convert fat to energy. If the liver is busy doing the kidney’s work, it cannot convert fat as efficiently as it should to energy. I must stress that drinking water to lose weight should be part of a multi-pronged approach if that is one of your primary goals.

Some of the other benefits when Drinking Water to Lose Weight

    • * Can decrease risk of cancers such as breast, colon, and bladder.
      * Can reduce joint pain inc back pain.
      * Can flush out toxins and bacteria that lead to disease.
      * Can prevent and alleviate headaches and feelings of fatigue.
      * Water adds moisture to the skin, and ensures proper cellular formation underneath the skins layers which result in a healthy glowing appearance.
      * Water is used to transport all of the essential nutrients from food around the body and is essential for healthy circulation.

How much water should you drink, if you are Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

Aim to drink about 3 litres a day (say one large water bottle) If like me you really battle to consume water on its own, get yourself a bottle of sugar free cordial and dilute it. I use Vimto (no added sugar) which I find palatable. If you work in an office take a big water bottle with you to work and keep it on or near your desk or work area. If its there you will be more inclined to remember.

Please note that you should be drinking water on a daily basis for your general health and well-being and not just drinking water to lose weight.

Now where’s my water bottle, I have got some weight to shift, even FitFoxy has been drinking water to lose weight.