Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

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does alcohol make you fat Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

Does alcohol make you fat

Ever wondered how does alcohol make you fat? Infact only a very small amount of alcohol is converted into fat in the body, as our liver just loves to turn the majority of alcohol into a substance called acetate.

Details – How Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

Acetate is produced by the body and then used as energy instead of the bodies usual fat stores. To put this into layman’s terms, a car operates on one source of fuel petrol/diesel. The human body operates on several, primarily carbohydrates, fat and protein. Your body will use whatever you feed it hence the expression “you are what you eat”. Once alcohol has been consumed, your acetate levels rise and our body switches from fat burning for fuel to burning acetate for fuel, therefore replacing fat as the desired source of fuel with acetate.

How your body normally burns fuel

Your body will respond to alcohol in the same way that it responds to excess carbohydrates or sugars, if you overeat the body will switch from burning fat, and start burning the excess carbohydrate or sugars. To give you an example lets say the average wine drinker consumes around 2000 extra calories per month, this would be the equivalent to lets say 10 bags of crisps. One pint of lager would be around 250 calories and this would equate to a small chocolate bar. Five pints of lager later, and you have had the equivalent of a meal 1,250 calories.

Remember alcohol has virtually no nutritional value so your body has not benefited at all from what it has consumed, do this on a regular basis and is it any wonder your bathroom scales are screaming ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!

Its not all doom and gloom

If you have a night out planned or you know that you are going to be making a day of it in the pub maybe think about doing a little extra exercise to use up the energy you are about to accumulate. Remember just one half hour moderate run can burn off the equivalent of 2 to 3 pints of beer. Maybe walk to the pub instead of taking the bus, think about an exercise session the day after even if its later in the day, it will make all the difference. Try to remember to view alcohol in almost the same way as you would view puddings/desserts or fast food. If you were to have one or two every day of the week and possibly more at the weekend, you are surely going to be out of shape and fairly unhealthy. Still wondering does alcohol make you fat? Well more importantly the question should be does alcohol make you fat and ill, buts that a conversation for another time.

Does Alcohol make you fat? – Yes it does!

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