Do Protein Shakes Work?

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do protein shakes work Do Protein Shakes Work?

Do Protein Shakes Work?

Today I saw this article Charlize Therons diet secret revealed…clutching meal replacement shakes, so Do protein Shakes Work? Oh no…The secret is out….. Well it wasn’t exactly a secret was it. (view the bottom of this page for a link to the original story)

My personal experience – Do Protein Shakes Work?

I have used protein shakes and bars now for about 14 years. I started out with Myoplex which to be honest, I found expensive but out of all of the different brands, (there are alot) I found it to be extremely palatable. I was full-on in to my fitness and weight training back then I found these supplements helped me to strip body fat in a more effective way.
Then I had a real good look around as I wanted a good reasonalbly priced product to run along side my fitness business. I have since 2007 used another full range of amazing supplements. I love the taste and as they use a soya protein rather that most other brands that use whey (waste product of cheese) they are extremely low in fat. I have at least one protein shake every day for breakfast and I use the protein bars an alternative healthy snack between lunch and dinner.

I have had great success with my personal training and weight loss clients on these products due to the fact that they taste great are inexpensive and easy to use. Believe me I have tried many other products and some have been so disgusting that I’m amazed that they sell at all. The supplements I use are a great tool for fitness fuel, weight loss, and weight control but the main thing is that they are convenient, healthy and accessable. The shakes that I use are also packed full of about 22 vitamins and minerals which I would say is going to do you a whole lot better than a tired old chicken mayo sandwich a bag of crisps from the petrol station.

Why Do Protein Shakes Work


  • If you get hungry whilst out and about and you do not have a healthy food on hand, you will quickly go into a state of panic and grab the first piece of junk food that you lay your hands on, knowing full well that you will be disappointed. The convenience of protein shakes can not be understated
  • Muscle burns 14 calories per pound per day, fat only burns 2. For every pound of muscle you gain and then maintain, you increase you metabolic rate. Protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle and therefore your metobolic rate
  • Protein takes longer than carbohydrate to digest, therfore you stay full for longer and ultimately take on board fewer calories
  • Healthy
  • Cost effective
  • Packed with multi-vitamins and minerals
  • A balanced mea
  • Tastes great!!

Lastly, I have heard people say that they think that protein shake powder is chemically engineered or altered, if I had to take the protein powder and bake it into a loaf, just like flour, would you ask the same questions? Soya protein is simply ground soya beans, fortified with additional vitamins, just like your cereal.
Have a look at some of the older body builders and sports people that have kept on exercising throughout their life, they use protein shakes, now ask yourself.. Do protein shakes work?

Do Protein Shakes Work? YES, well it seems that Charlize things they do.

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